Friday, March 2, 2012

We just heard from Paula in Oklahoma with some clever ideas for Old Brass Harness Hardware.

I know these look like simple drawer pulls but they are actually from an old harness that had all brass hardware on it. These pieces were used to keep various straps in place. As you can see they are just wide enough for a 2" piece of strap to go through.
Besides these pieces of hardware, there are always lots of 2" rings that you can do tons of stuff with. To stick with brass you will have to find older harnesses. The newer harnesses are silver.  They are still pretty and quite useful but just don't have the character of the brass.
This is how Paula used the brasses for picture hangers:

We went on Ebay and looked for Harness Brasses and found this one.  Not as nice as Paula's it might take a little hunting.... but that's what us Tack Hoarders are known for, right? ....searching for more tack we don't need !!!! Haaaa  

We loved your ideas, Paula!   Thanks for sharing them !!!!

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  1. That is a very unusual and beautiful piece. I would snatch it up in a heart beat! Wow, it could be used in a million unusual ways. Paula