Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ideas for your Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Here are some quick, easy and very inexpensive ideas for your Thanksgiving Day Celebration (does it get better than quick, easy and inexpensive?)

Looking for a fun idea for a fun idea to fill a clear tall case?
All you need:
Small Apples
Rainbow carrots
Berry branches

We actually picked these apples off my neighbors tree (he doesn’t know it yet!) and added some lime, cuties and organic rainbow carrots for a festive centerpiece……a couple of berry branches and …Voila !!

Want an ingenious idea for serving soup at your Thanksgiving dinner?
Pumpkin the size of a soup bowl
Carve out the top (make sure that you cut in towards the center – so that the top will not fall through) and fill with your favorite soup (mine being squash) and garnish with fresh parsley....yummmm

Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece
Mid Size Pumpkin – carved out
This is a no brainer!! You can do it !!!

Apple candle centerpiece
Apples (5)
Votive candles
Maple Leaves
Cuties and Berries
Carve out the center of the apple to suit the size of the votive candle.  Insert candles and arrange with leaves, cuties and berries.   Your guests will be asking if  HGTV has contacted you yet to be featured !


Centerpiece from my yard & the local Vegetable aisle
Candles – various heights
Ferns or greens
Bright color leaves

We picked some fallen maple leaves and lined a tray with them and then added an assortment of gourds, apples, cuties……staggered our candle heights and threw in some ferns - easy schmeezy !!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day ! ! !


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